Geothermal Renewable Energy Credits are now available in Maryland

Sunrock Geothermal works with partners and system owners to monetize Geothermal Renewable Energy Credits (GRECs) in Maryland.

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We handle the paperwork, you collect the paper.

Owners of geothermal systems may now be eligible to receive renewable energy credits for their clean energy generation. These credits, or GRECs, can then be sold – and put money back in system owners’ pockets. Sunrock Geothermal will manage and monetize system owners’ GRECs, using our years of expertise and local connections to maximize the value of these credits.

Sunrock Geothermal provides two options to start earning money for GRECs:
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Upfront Agreement

System owners receive a lump-sum payment for their GRECs and immediately reduce the out-of-pocket expense of their geothermal system.
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Brokerage Agreement

Sunrock works on behalf of the system owner to sell the credits and maximize the return over time. Owners will be paid annually for the net earnings from the sale of their GRECs.
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Maryland passed new legislation that requires 1% of all electricity to be generated by in-state geothermal systems by 2030.

Eligible geothermal systems create Geothermal Renewable Energy Credits, or GRECs, which represent the equivalent of 1 MWh of clean energy generated. These credits can be sold back to the utility, allowing them to meet their requirements for geothermal generation and creating new incentives that benefit geothermal system owners.

Green for the Planet and Your Wallet

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective, allowing homeowners and businesses to save money and benefit the planet. Sunrock Geothermal’s services will make installing geothermal more affordable and allow system owners to maximize their savings over time.

About Us

Sunrock Geothermal’s team has years of experience in Renewable Energy Credit management and monetization. Our team is based in Maryland and we will leverage our expertise and local connections to provide the best value to owners of Geothermal systems.
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Megan Sparks

18 years developing and executing new product, partnership, and market strategies
Previously: Constellation Energy
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Kenita Williams

11+ years experience with SREC Markets and Solar Incentives
Previously: Astrum Solar, Direct Energy Solar, Sol Systems
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Diane Benedetti

11+ years in residential and commercial solar customer experience and asset management
Previously: Astrum Solar, Direct Energy Solar, Centrica Business Solutions
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